International process servers of legal documents ?

Anywhere in the world..

Do you need legal support to effect service of process in the internationally ?

International Process Servers provide you a speedy direct service facility through our London Office.


 Almost all Court documents our team serve is via the Hague Service Convention. Once service is affected the certificate of service you receive is complete with the seal of the Senior Courts. International service of legal documents

How long does this take?

Once we receive your instructions, we action the documents and return the completed certificates for you as quickly as possible. The total process normally takes 7-10 days,  we provide you with progress reports during the time period. We can accept the documents by email providing your issuing court does not require originals to be served. Or you may wish to courier the original documents to our offices, and we will confirm receipt.


Please contact us with the location for service and the type of documents you need to serve so we can provide your quotation by email.

The following documents we can serve for you:

  • Serving Divorce papers
  • Serving Petitions
  • Serving Subpoena
  • Serving Summons and Complaints in Divorce case filed in the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and other countries
  • Serving Summons and Complaints in Business and Civil matter filed in the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and other countries
  • Serving other judicial and extra judicial paper in civil and Business matter

Prominent Features of our Process Service:

  • Fast service (first attempt 2 days)
  • Affidavit (free of charge)
  • All over India service and in other South Asian Countries

We can do the following type of Process Services:

  • Personal process service
  • Process service under the Hague Convention

We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard process services and understand the extensive enquiries related to serving any kind of documents or papers. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner.

International process service of legal documents ?

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